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  • Summer Programs with Huck Finn School are completely unique!

  • Activities run Monday-Friday at various locations in the Low Country.

  • Times vary depending on age/location/theme.

  • Our program is geared to boys and girls aged 5-17. *Please note that there are age/grade specifications at each of our activities!

Registration will open on January 21 at 1PM!


*New in checkout ~

Workshop Foundation Scholarship Donation options!

Please check out our not-for-profit program at:

and help send a child to camp this year!


Our Summer Programs are completely unique!
We provide an outdoor, hands-on
and "un-plugged" experience
where kids learn about and develop
a deeper appreciation for their environment
and the natural resources all around them.

Our "BUILD THINGS" program
is for children ages 5-7 and sessions
run from 9-1 daily.
This is a fun intro to woodworking and workshop etiquette, and we offer various themes
throughout the summer.

Our 9-3 Programs are geared to children ages 6-13. Woodworking projects will
be based on each week's theme, as will available outdoor activities.

*Please scroll down to see more detailed descriptions!

New this year~
Our "Advanced Art" 3 day Program for children 8+ 
and back by popular demand~
"Blacksmithing 101" 3 day Program for children 10+
Both programs will run from 9-1 M-W.

HERE to see the list of available programming/dates/locations!

  • *Huck Finn School does not provide transportation.

  • Children will need to bring a snack, lunch and water daily.

  •  Cell phones, smart watches and "Gizmo" watches should be left at home! (These items will be collected at drop-off and
    returned at pick-up.)


  • CAMP SEWEE: 7407 Doar Road, Awendaw 29429

  • NATURE ADVENTURE OUTFITTERS: 1010 Reverend Perry Road, McClellanville, 29458

  • SI BAPTIST CHURCH: 1753 Central Avenue, Sullivan's Island 29482


*World War II Camp* A salute to the brave and brilliant soldiers of WWII and The Greatest Generation. Learn about and recreate ingenious inventions and creative tactics that helped the Allies gain victory, as well as an appreciation for the era. Campers will experience lots of fun with "Physical Training", troop movements and tactics, water balloon battles, communication methods, games and final missions!

*Mountain Man Survival Skills Camp* Experience life in the "wild"! Tracking, trapping, camouflage, leather-work, and basic woodworking using period tools and techniques. Of course we'll have contests, play games and get dirty too! Stories, adventures and more. Survival Skill themed camps may include; fishing, trapping, handmade tools, shelters, fire starting, forging, cordage, communication skills, use of natural materials and of course optional pocket knife skills!

*Viking Camp* Viking children were highly skilled at an early age. They were taught to hunt, build, navigate, survive, and thrive as functioning members of their community. We won't be conquering neighboring camps or communities, but we will definitely have a great time exploring Camp Sewee! (HIGHLIGHTS: basic woodworking and metal work, leather work, jewelry making, face painting, games, water balloon battles, tools, period exploration and navigation skills, optional: fishing, wrestling.)

*Sparta! Camp* In ancient Sparta, both boys and girls were taught to be self-sufficient, to hunt and survive beginning at age 7. Spartans are still considered the greatest warriors that ever lived. Although we won't be creating warriors, wouldn't it be fun to play like a Spartan for a week?!! (HIGHLIGHTS: Basic woodworking and metal work, water balloon battles, military formations, games and optional fishing and wrestling.)

*Ultimate Surviavl Skills Camp* (IYKYK!) This camp is a compilation of all of our Survival Skills Camps, where campers will be challenged to survive the "Zombie Apocolypse" at the Nature Adventure Outfitters loaction! (Highlights: team-building, water sports (stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, canoes~life vests must be worn by all participants!) woodworking projects, games, water balloon battles, communication skills, optional: wrestling, fishing).

*Masters Of The Air Camp* A salute to the brave and brilliant pilots and airmen of WWII and The Greatest Generation. Learn about the skills and bravery of these specialized soldiers and some of the incredible difficulties that were endured to help the Allies gain victory, as well as an appreciation for the era. Campers will experience lots of fun with "Physical Training", communication methods, games and missions!

As a friendly reminder:
Huck Finn School Does not offer refunds.
Refund requests for Summer Camps may be made prior to March 1,
and refunds will only be available if we are able to fill your spot from our wait-list
prior to March 1.

Please note: There will be a charged admin. and processing fee for any issued refund. 


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