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When the temperature drops a bit and we head into the Fall and Winter months, we are excited to offer our Knife Forging Classes.

These classes are hands-on, fun, and provide skills, memories and an experience to last a lifetime.


  • Accompanying children must be at least 7 years of age.

  • This is a difficult class that requires focus, good behavior and some strength. (If you have any questions please feel free to reach out prior to registering!)

  • ALL Participants MUST wear CLOSED TOE SHOES, long sleeves and pants.

Adult and Child

Oyster Knife Forging Class

next session TBA

Adult and child (aged 7+) duos work together to make an oyster knife as well as lasting memories!



Father and Son

Hunting Blade Forging Class

next session TBA

*Participants MUST have Oyster Knife Forging Experience to register for this class*


Fathers and sons work together to make a blade in this second level class!



Hunting Blade

Leather Sheath Making Class

next session TBA

**If you have ever forged a hunting blade with us, here is your chance to make a real leather sheath for it!**



Father and Son

Oyster Knife Forging Class



Fathers and sons (aged 7+) work together to make an oyster knife as well as lasting memories!



NEW! Blacksmithing 101 for ages 13+

Classes on Tuesdays from 6:30-8pm:

September 26

JOIN US IN 2023!

Additional FALL dates will be announced soon!

*(please complete an oyster knife class prior to
registering for a hunting blade class!)

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